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David Fabricius is a world class YPO resource and award winning keynote speaker, fire walk facilitator, sales trainer, business-investment-life coach, real estate entrepreneur-educator, and author. He has shared stages and events with Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, John Travolta, Gene Simmons, Mel Gibson, Christy Brinkley, Tony Robbins, JT Foxx and many more. He has also been featured on the BBC World News, Fox News, ABC, CBS and over 400 other news channels globally. He has been featured in Woman Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 5 male entrepreneurs in the world inspiring women to start their own business, and featured on the cover of Business Booster Today.



Starting from nothing he has become an international success across North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. He is the recipient of the Top 1% Mega Success Entrepreneur Award.


After serving as an instructor in a Special Forces unit, surviving multiple near death experiences, and teaching thousands worldwide, David has a unique perspective on life and how to create success. His mission is to help people get the best out of themselves and create better companies, teams and families.


As a Keynote Speaker at Global Leadership Conferences for Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders, David enables companies to increase their sales between 26 - 300% in a quarter. He is a world renowned team building facilitator and globally one of the highest rated speakers for YPO, WPO and EO. He is most famous for his fire walk experiences and has worked with organizations such as Microsoft, Motorola, Mass Mutual, Avis, The IMD in Switzerland and many more.


Meet the team behind David Fabricius Global.


Victoria Carmel Tolonen

Agent/Event Director

Victoria is the Agent and Event Director for David Fabricius Global. Her experience across Europe, Latin America and Asia, combined with her creativity are paramount to crafting unforgettable experiences for clients. 


Anastasia Sprauer

Brand Ambassador

As Brand Ambassador, Anastasia is passionate about inspiring others to reach their full potential as leaders. 

In addition to supporting the mission of David Fabricius Global, she is a Certified Firewalk Assistant. The Firewalk is an incredible experience that serves as an opportunity to face one's fears and learn actionable lessons that can be immediately usable in personal and professional realms. She is proud to be part of the team at David Fabricius Global and looks forward to connecting with others.


Paul Erik Nielsen

Creative Director

With 25 years of experience in branding and design, Paul drives the creative vision of David Fabricius Global. He is a photographer and graphic designer with a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around him. With an eye for flair and a creative vision, Paul skillfully combines his experience as an intuitive photographer with his designer’s insight to create breathtaking images that always seem to capture the essence of the moment.

Working With the Best

David has worked with or shared the stage with some of the biggest names in entertainment, business and  media. His influence globally is renowned.  

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